A next generation team
Who we are

We believe that today’s generation needs a voice that can create what’s right for them.

We’re here for people who are fast embracers of what’s new – today & tomorrow, and for the people who truly care about their impact on the planet. We’re here for the next generation.

What we do

We develop property in a number of different asset classes, including commercial, industrial, retail and residential. We also make investments in companies with a long term multi-generational view of making the world more efficient and sustainable.

How we do it

We’re fast embracers of change and always moving forward. We’re not encumbered by baggage and bring fresh eyes and ideas. We embrace flexibility.


We keep things straightforward, intuitive and easy. We design out waste and complications so that our customers can benefit.


In an often cold and corporate world, we’re a warm human face that’s there for you. We believe in injecting character into all we do.


We use facts and data to make things work more effectively. We’re driven to make a difference and have the resources to drive real change.

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